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The story behind this one starts with the moth - I hadn't done any art for a while so I was thinking about the idea of opening something that had been unused, and a moth flies out of it. For me this picture is about picking up where I had left off years before and getting inspired to make more pictures.
'Moth' Linocut 15cm x10cm

This site showcases the work of artist printmaker and photographer Rory OBrien from Sydney, Australia. You can purchase any of the works on show here.

Rory has specialised in linocut prints since 1991 and has held numerous solo shows in Sydney.

Fifty Frames was an exhibition of photography from 2013.

Rory has self-published calendars featuring his linocut prints since 1992 and the small works shown on this site have often been developed for these.

Rory's work has also been sold through markets (particularly Newtown Festival) and gift shops and has been sent around the world.

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