Newtown festival ~ 2006

Hired a stall for Newtown Festival 2006 - dressed it up and showed off some of the smaller lino prints and brought out the "skategoat" t-shirt for the first time.

Check out the pictures...

Very pretty Newtown festival stall...

Very pretty festival stall - the orange matches this website

Man in hat approves of red t-shirt - thinks about goats...

Julie V and man in hat - thinking about goats - see website:

Blame skategoat

Skategoat - the tshirt comes to take the blame

What are friends for - Karsten, Ashley, Julie and Mez looking interested

My what loverly pictures you have...

A little birdy tells me...

A little birdy tells me something is on its way...

MAc spruiking for Ironfest 07 in Lithgow

Mac comes touting his wares - Ironfest 07 - see:

The crowd looks the other way

The crowd looks the other way

Mickey G on a critter hunt

Micky G on a critter hunt