Opening night - 30th Nov 2006

Scroll down for pictures from Rory's exhibition opening at Newtown's New View Gallery...

In the window

Looking in the window - black and red are in at the moment...

Liam gets starte

New View Gallery director Liam Kennedy (L) with Rory

Counting off people to thank in the speeches. Liam wears skategoat - now available only in red - $25.

Next crop of young Newtown artists

The speeches are finished - yay!

New View Gallery co-director Khara Edwards (R) feeding the huddled masses (L)

Main room of the gallery

Time for dancing with small children

New View Gallery at twilight. Pictures courtesy of Claire Mortimer.

Finally, a big congratulations to Mickey G and Beth on the arrival of their friendly ghost, Kaspar on 30 Nov 06 (take a look at the Newtown festival photos for a hint) - we missed you at the opening :-)